Amazing opportunities

Do you know what a university fair is? Well, if you don’t know, a University Fair is an activity where many colleges and universities send representatives and make themselves known to students on the path of deciding the career they want to pursue and in which campus they are able to do it. In these fairs you have to pay close attention to every little detail that they are going to give you.

At school, this event took place on February the 23rd where Juniors and Seniors attended to get to know some of the colleges and opportunities of scholarships in Guatemala and abroad. The colleges in Guatemala that sent their representatives were where: Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Universidad Rafael Landívar, Universidad Galileo, Universidad Mariano Gálvez, Universidad del Istmo, and Universidad Internaciones. There were also some opportunities of scholarships and educational centers from other countries like: Intercultural Experiences, Education USA, Universidad Anahuac, Australian Option Education Guatemala, Scholarship to Italy/Campus Magnolie, Edulynks, Switzerland University, and UDEM

There where also 2 lectures, one was given by SEGEPLAN which is an organization that offers scholarships inside Guatemala and abroad. This organization also helps with the process of applying to these opportunities. The second lecture was delivered by a school graduate, Ana Raquel Aquino, she talked about the different opportunities and scholarships abroad, and how students can apply on the best and easiest way possible.

But, why is this event so important? It’s important to have these spaces in which student or Seniors can know more about the options they have, what to do, and where to go after graduation. At the beginning, you may not know what path you want to take, so by paying close attention to the information given in these spaces you can have a better view of the options you have, and start to forming a life plan.

After these events, you may not know what to do still, so don’t stress. If you are a student on this situation, you need to be aware that it’s okay to not know what you want to do, it’s okay to take your time to figure things out. This doesn’t mean you are going to take a Sabbatical Year, you can take this time to work, become a volunteer at any organization, take courses, and find the things you would like to do in a professional career. These may include college, university, courses, etc., but studying isn’t the only option either. You just have to find the things you enjoy. Also, if you start to study something and you don’t like it, you can change it. The first career you choose isn’t permanent.

So, take your time and trust the process, everything will fall into place as soon as you are ready. 

And, whatever you decide to do, make sure it is what makes you happy.